13 Jun 2022

The Columbus-ic Telugu Movie Ticket Prices

Tollywood has been innovative in its own way promoting their films and the latest addition to this is the topic of ticket prices. Yes, you heard it right!

The reduction in ticket prices seems to have become a new trend, by which small and medium budget film makers are trying to capture the attention of regular cinephiles, calling out the cut in the bucks to watch their film.

It is already known that many films have been priced at the premium tag that’s been provided as an option in the government order and except big ticket films like RRR and KGF, others failed to sustain the momentum after the first weekend and fell flat. Latest to join the list is Ante Sundaraniki, which even though opened to decent talk, couldn’t help its own cause at the box office and is now staring at losses.

On the other hand, a film like Major, which may not be termed as friendly a genre as Ante Sundaraniki for the tastes of Telugu audience, managed to mint decent numbers at the box office even with low ticket prices. And by doing so, it seemed to have paved a path for upcoming small and medium budget movies as the makers of Pakka Commercial have now decided that their movie will be bought to the audience at lower prices. Well, do not be surprised if this becomes a trend and a pattern soon.

All that said, this “ticket price reduction” strategy is not one which yielded the full result as expected, both for the audience and the film makers. An instance of such is the movie F3 where the makers promoted the movie to be releasing for lower rates but ended up pricing it at the max cap provided. And it didn’t take long for the movie to nosedive as it fell flat after the weekend making it a loss venture.

All these results will have served as a good test run for film makers to make better calls in pricing their movies and the writing seems to be on the wall already for small and medium budget films given the performance of latest releases.

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