22 Aug 2022

Kappela remake to be shelved?


The Telugu remake of the popular Malayalam film Kappela has been officially launched last year. In July 2020, popular production house, Sithara Entertainments bagged the rights to this well-acclaimed coming-of-age drama.

 The Telugu remake of Kappela was to feature Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Arjun Das in the lead roles. Debutant director Shourie Chandrasekhar T Ramesh got the chance of helming the movie and Sweekar Agasthi of  “Care of Kancharapalem” fame was appointed to compose music.

The Malayalam film Kappela starring Roshan Mathew, Anna Ben, and Sreenath Bhasi, garnered attention all over the nation when it was released on the OTT platforms soon after a few days of release in theatres. Sidhu Jonnalagadda was supposed to play the role of Srikanth Basi and Arjun Das to enact the Roshan's role. 

But if the rumors are to be believed Siddhu Jonnalagadda is not in a mood to do the role as it has negative shades which can damage his new popularity which he gained from DJ Tillu, which was a stupendous success thanks to his exceptional portrayal as in the title role.

Now with Siddhu 's refusal to act in the movie, makers are in a bit of confusion. As per the source's information, they tried to rope in a new actor for the role but dropped the idea because it's not safe to go with all newcomers and upcoming actors.

The reason for Siddhu Jonnalagadda craze today is because of Sitara Entertainments “DJ Tillu” movie and the film was released in Telugu states on a large scale. Even though Siddhu had acted in some films till then, he did not get that much recognition.

It is a surprise that Siddhu is pointing out the image factor. Nowadays all the actors are looking for different kinds of roles and are open to experiments. Now we have to wait and watch if Siddhu Jonnalagadda changes his mind and if he doesn't the makers are in an idea to shelve the movie instead of wasting time and money. 

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