21 Oct 2022

Sardar - Intriguing and impactful

Rating –

Cast             Karthi, Raashi Khanna, Rajisha Vijayan, Chunky Pandey, Laila

Directed by   P. S. Mithran

Written by     P. S. Mithran

Dialogue by  Pon Parthiban, Roju, Binpu Ragu, Geevee

Produced by     S. Lakshman Kumar

Narrated by   P. S. Mithran

Cinematography      George C. Williams

Edited by      Ruben

Music by       G. V. Prakash Kumar

Production company          Prince Pictures


Sardar begins in 1988, with title credits in which we learn about a spy who has gone rogue. The action then moves to the present when we meet his son Vijay Prakash (Karthi), a publicity-hungry cop who is haunted by the wraith of being a traitor's son. When Samira (Laila), an activist campaigning against the privatization of water bodies dies mysteriously, he tries to find out the killers only to learn a complex web of lies and deceit that has put the nation in danger. And the only man who can stop Rathore, an evil businessman (Chunky Panday), and his disgraceful plans is his superspy dad (Karthi again), who is living in the ouster.


PS Mithran's Sardar is an efficiently made spy movie, which, despite a typical story arc, manages to keep us engaged till the end. As he did with his previous films, the director manages to effectively entangle in a message on the importance of preserving our water resources and preventing them from falling into private hands, without it coming across as preachy. 


Karthi performs excellently like as ever; he has done double roles in which the title role has more scope to perform with several getups and shapes which he pulls off effortlessly. Of course, he gives a natural act in the role of Vijay Prakash too. Chunkey Pandey was good, and Rashi Khanna and Rajisha Vijayan made their presence felt. Yesteryear actress Laila appears in a short but important role that changes the course of the narrative.

The film has almost managed the same momentum from start to end except for a few instances where we get an information overload but that also helps with the detailing in the story.


Lastly, Sardar has a thought-provoking point with the right blend of entertainment in the form of heroic scenes and action sequences which make it a must-watch.


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