7 Nov 2022

Bimbisara Worldwide Closing Collections


Bimbisara Worldwide Closing Collections

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's latest film “Bimbisara”, which was made in the socio fantasy genre, Kalyan Ram appeared in the title role of the most brutal king.

Director Mallidi Vashishta has taken a very interesting concept for this movie by mixing the time travel and multiverse elements to a child sentiment track.

Bimbisara is a ruthless King of Trigarthala Kingdom, travels in 2022 due to his bad deeds. How he finds out the way back to his kingdom and in this process and how he changes as a person is the main point of the movie.

This movie was released at a time when the industry was in a drought of success and received good talk and collections from the first day of its release and went on to become the highest grosser in Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's career. It collected 15 Crores share and 35 Crores gross. 

Kalyan Ram produced this movie himself under the banner of NTR Arts. MM Keeravani and Chirantan Bhatt have given music for this movie. Songs were very well blended into the movie and the background score worked superbly for the film. Kalyan Ram got good acclaim for his performance in the film.

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